How to choose an escort girl in Paris?

Which Escort Girl to choose?

Internet has made life easier for everyone. Now gentlemen, it became possible to find an Escort Girl in a few clicks. Moreover, they are not as rare and as expensive as they were at the beginning. Escort sites flourish on the web, making more accessible the services of her beautiful women, specialized in the most eccentric fantasies. The only difficulty that you may encounter in your research is that of choice: you risk getting lost in the best of these sexy ladies. Let us guide you, from the different steps to follow to find the right Escort Girl:

Search escort sites

Do not be lured by the first Escort site on which you will fall. Do extensive and deep research on the Internet. You will find agency sites, such as independent escort sites. Privilege agencies, although the prices are quite high (since it must include the agency fees in the total price of the service), it is easier to know the reputation (Forums, reviews of regular customers …) and they guarantee a secure payment. To avoid problems choose accredited and recognized sites.

Reduce the search field

By being more specific, you facilitate the task to yourself but also to research sites. You can choose to classify Escorts by age, size, or physical characteristics. Several sites offer categories such as mature women, Asian, red, black, brown or blonde, VIP or women with generous breasts. You will also find categories that list the practices exercised by his Escorts (blowjob, sodomy, BDSM practices, specific practices …)

Set a budget and respect the

Know that the quality of benefits depends on the price you pay. If you are looking for VIP Escorts , you have to think of minimum 4-digit prices. However, if you have a fairly tight budget, you can search by price band. By visiting the profiles of different women, you will find the prices offered for each.


If you come across the escort that you like and the price fits in your budget, make sure there are no extra charges or tips to pay afterwards.

Avoid negotiating the price with an escort. Prices are always fixed. And if visiting the profile, the price is not listed, know that it offers quite expensive services.

In Paris, escorts are more expensive than elsewhere (Côte d’Azur aside), do not hesitate to go a little if you want to lower the price of your moment with the escort girl of your dreams.

Be vigilant about the veracity of escort profiles

Before choosing your escort, look for his name on Google. This will allow you to ensure your identity but also to have a more global vision of it and the opinions of these customers. Also look for his phone number and email address to ensure their legitimacy.

Be clear in your request

After choosing the right escort, be sure, by phone call, that she has an idea of ​​what you expect from her. Do not be too raw and take care of your language, it is most likely his manager on the other side of the device. Explain clearly your desires and discuss the services and benefits you have chosen. Make sure the desired benefit codes are clear and accurate.

Check the legal status of the escort

When you meet the young woman, make sure she is of age . Ask him to provide you with supporting documents such as his identity card and an official document allowing him to practice this profession. She may well be a scammer or worse, a minor exploited by her employers.

And why not a free ass plan?

With the atmosphere surrounding prostitution, using an escort can become dangerous. If you want to try your luck and look for girls a little libertine that you will not pay, naughty dating sites can help you. One of the biggest libertine sites in Paris and its region is . Created by a porn giant, it brings together many men and women looking for new experiences. You will necessarily find someone who will want sex at the same time as you and you will remain 100% in the legality while saving your money. It’s different from escorting but it’s an experience we recommend.