Simplest to reproduce Kamasutra positions

To vary the pleasures in bed, experimenting with new sexual positions is a good option. This allows the lovers to discover other ways of the desire, to visualize parts of the body of the other which are not always in the foreground and to spice up the act thanks to the simple new character of the situation. Contrary to popular belief, the reference manual on the subject does not present only incongruous examples or acrobatic schemes: here are the positions of the simplest Kamasutra.

Revisiting the most used Kamasutra positions

There is no point in embarking on ambitious challenges. To explore Kamasutra, the couple can start by reviewing the classics of the genre. Beginners or uncomfortable partners with their sexuality will appreciate the most used positions of Kamasutra, and nothing prevents them from drawing variants.

The Missionary

The missionary is probably the most used and the simplest position of Kamasutra. The woman is lying on her back; the man lies on her and penetrates her. This position is particularly comfortable for the woman because it is the man who supports the weight of his own body and performs the movements back and forth. Variation of the missionary: the woman wraps her legs around the waist of her partner. In this position, the penetration is deeper, and the pleasure sometimes more intense.

The Andromache

The Andromache is the opposite of the missionary. Position Kamasutra simple to achieve, the Andromache is for the woman to ride the man who is lying on his back. In this case, it is the woman who initiates the movement of the sexual act; she can thus control the pace and delay or precipitate the enjoyment. Variation: the man straightens his chest up to touch the breast of his partner with his bust, lovers make love eyes in the eye for more romance.

The doggy style

The doggy style is also among the positions of Kamasutra most used. It involves a form of submission that provokes excitement. The woman is on all fours, and the man kneels behind her to penetrate. Variation: the woman is on all fours at the edge of a bed, and the man enters her from behind standing on the ground.

The unusual Kamasutra with ease

Classics are not the only positions accessible to the uninitiated. Here are the top 5 positions of Kamasutra simple to achieve:

The Swing

The swing starts from the same principle as the greyhound: the man contemplates the back of his partner during coitus. He sits with his legs stretched; she rides him back to him. In this position, the woman controls the rhythm of the sexual act.

The Magpie

The magpie can experiment with sex on a chair. The man sits, and the woman comes to sit on and face him, thighs apart to promote penetration. It is still the woman who directs the antics.

The Wolf

The wolf is one of the positions of the standing Kamasutra. The woman is resting with her hands against a wall, and her partner is placed behind her by grasping her hips to penetrate more easily. This position is used to make love in unusual places because it allows lovers not to undress entirely for coitus all the faster. The woman can bend forward to allow the man to penetrate more simply. Another position of Kamasutra to achieve standing: the mysterious interview is practised as the wolf but without support. Partners have an interest in roughly the same size.


Teaspoons can facilitate the sexual act in late pregnancy. The two lovers are lying on their side, the man behind the woman. In this configuration, the partner reaches more favourably the point G of his lover.

The 69

sex in the bed

The 69 is halfway to the preliminaries. In appearance acrobatic, this position of Kamasutra is simple and requires little effort. The woman is lying on her back; the man lies on her head to place her mouth at the clitoris of the woman. The latter, in turn, has access to the penis of her lover with her mouth. He practices cunnilingus while she gives him a blowjob. 69 is one of the favourite positions of men.