When Did The Concept of Male Chastity Start And What Are Its Benefits?

Back in the medieval period, the men used chastity cages for wars and were often used for women as well. This is so because they did not want their wives to get involved with other men while they are away for days. It might sound disgusting but that is how things were in the medieval period.

Later on, there came a German engineer named Konrad Keyser who introduced making male chastity cages for men. It is known that two people feel like they have exchanged a wedding ring if the male is wearing a chastity cage.

An orgasm can make a man feel tired all day long, whereas while wearing a chastity cage they can be their best productive self throughout the day. There are a lot of types of cages available in the case of a metal chastity cage. The man needs to clean the cage and even lubricate it to maintain hygiene.

There are a lot of benefits which you might be unaware of if taking about male chastity cages namely-

·       Good sex life

As mentioned earlier that the need for sex or organs will be curbed with the chastity cages and one will be able to have a great sex life with their partner.

·       Better relationship with your partner

Both the partners will be more faithful and loyal towards each other in the long run with the help of those chastity cages. The bonding between the couple would automatically get strengthened. This is why it is increasingly being used. Also nowadays, people are more accepting of the LGBT community, this is also the reason they are being used widely.

·       No boredom will be there

The man would always be excited to release his penis from the cage and as a result, there would be no boredom in the relationship. A lot of time people give each other divorces because their sex life is gone, but with this chastity cage their sex life remains at its best every time between the couple. There will be no boredom with this.

So, if you want to buy one you first should know about which one you want and then proceed accordingly.