Where do prostitutes work and what are the different types?

Dylan Love, from Business Insider, recently visited a brothel and his expectations were not met when he found only a single type of prostitution. Did you know that there are nearly six types of prostitutes and each have their different areas of work?

We’re aware of the fact that prostitution is the act of being involved in sexual activities in lieu of money. A person who works in such sexual activities is called either a sex worker or a prostitute. Prostitution can be done in several areas based on the services they offer. While some choose to stay scattered in the streets, some prefer working through brothels.

Here is a detailed discussion on the types of prostitutes and their individual area of work.

Escort or Independent call girl

Call girls are independent escorts who work only in private buildings like homes, apartments or hotels. They usually work for their own benefit and are not associated with any prostitution organization. They charge hefty prices and hide from public eye. They promote their services digitally and hence they can retain their profits as they’re actually self-employed.

Brothel Employee

Brothels are locations that are dedicated to such people who willingly pay for sex and also sometimes include massage parlors and saunas. Their prices are moderate and they even tolerate exploitation in some forms. They have to give away a portion of their earnings to the owners of the brothels and hence they are expected to endure the pain of exploitation. A licensed Melbourne brothel is legal.

Escort agency employee

Just as the first type where call girls work independently, employees working with escort agencies also work personally in residential buildings or hotels and charge exorbitant prices. In this case too, they have to share their earnings with the agencies and hence they’re subject to moderate exploitation.

Window worker

This kind of prostitution has been popular in places like Amsterdam where people lure passers by to step into the prostitute houses and they entice people by displaying women in windows. Women, in this type, get a low-to-moderate price for selling their body. The environment of these window rooms are in stark contrast with brothels where people get a party atmosphere and social link with the providers.


Streetwalkers are the ones that get very lowly paid as they work on streets. It is usually seen that streetwalkers get very less job satisfaction if compared to the indoor prostitutes like call girls, brothel workers, or bar workers. However, it is vital to note that streetwalking is highly dangerous. The sex workers are highly prone to the risk of being murdered. Though prostitution has become legal in most places, there is too much of exploitation and murder at the places where it is still illegal. Legalizing prostitution is the only way to reduce the stigma attached to it.

Casino or Bar worker

The initial contact that these sex workers make with men is at the casino or bar and later on they have sex at a totally different location. Considering the bars in Philippines, Thailand and Dominican Republic, men pay a separate ‘bar fees’ to leave the place along with a worker. They often spend some days with the sex worker. The guys are supposed to bear all the expenses of the girl for those few days. However, the women earn low wages in this case.

The worst form of prostitution is child prostitution where children are forced into sexual activities in lieu of wages. Pedophiles and sex tourists offer money to children and get them doing sexual acts. As per the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, child prostitution is illegal and such offences lead to conviction.