The 3 best exercises for better enjoyment of intimate relations

That sport is healthy is a proven fact. Many people are unaware that it is also highly beneficial for sex life. That is why here are all the reasons and benefits of practicing sports.

Sport and sexuality, two inseparable elements

As mentioned above, sport can greatly improve sexual activity without the need to be a professional athlete to achieve it. It will be enough to practice some kind of exercise on a regular basis to notice a great change. That is why models, actors and even the beautiful Gold Coast escorts near me practice it.

It must be taken into account that both in the gym and in bed, muscular activity, pleasure and performance are common points that establish a close parallelism between sport and sexual activity, making both intrinsically linked.

Truly, it can be affirmed that there are many benefits that can be achieved with the practice of sports. They are related to endurance time, sensitivity, tightening, rhythm… Some of them are shown below.

6 Benefits of sports that will help boost your sex life

1.- To begin with, exercise stimulates blood circulation throughout the body. This optimizes the functioning of the nervous system and helps to alleviate or prevent possible erection problems. So it helps to become a great lover like independent Sydney escort ladies, stimulating the right areas.

2.- In line with the previous point, and for the same reason, it also helps to avoid premature ejaculation. A problem quite feared by many people.

3.- On the other hand, by doing more physical activity, everyone gets to improve their self-esteem by feeling much better about themselves. A better self-image, feeling desired, even the skin looks brighter and younger.

4.- Regular exercise also increases testosterone levels, helping you perform better with less effort.

5.- As far as cardiovascular health is concerned, it is important to know that experiencing an orgasm frequently allows the human being to stay away from some circulatory ailments and even type 2 diabetes.

6.- Likewise, both the practice of sport and sexual practice, causes the body to release more dopamine. A neurotransmitter of vital importance for the motor function of our body. In addition to endorphins, the so desired hormone of happiness and that so much pleasure is able to produce, acting even as a natural analgesic against any ailment.

And if that wasn’t enough!

Sex is a star ally of sleep and consequently of sport. It is essential to enjoy a good restful sleep that allows you to successfully perform the physical activity that each one of us intends to do.

With each orgasm experienced, the body promotes the production of prolactin and oxytocin. Two essential elements for a quality rest. So having sex helps to achieve the best of dreams in addition to perform adequately in sports activities or not, daily.

It is a perfect match. Both things favor and provoke each other. If you have a good rest and do physical activity or sport, you can calm the spirit and generate a state of perfect connection between mind and body.

As you can see, after what has been written so far, sex and sport go perfectly together. Really, they are the additive par excellence to get healthier in life. Feeling good, reducing stress levels, forgetting worries, a source of relief, breathing better? Sounds good, doesn’t it?

But, what types of exercises are best to enjoy all these benefits? Undoubtedly, the best 3 exercises are the ones recommended by Skokka, the leading international classified ads portal together with the hottest Perth escorts.

The 3 most recommended exercises for better enjoyment of intimate relations

First of all, it should be noted that, aside from those that will be listed, any physical activity is beneficial to a person’s sexuality and health. Without a doubt, exercise is a great resource that can be used to improve a person’s overall performance in all stages of life on a day-to-day basis.

  • Kegel exercises. These exercises, created by Arnold Kegel in the 1940s, are excellent for strengthening the pelvic floor in both men and women. Likewise, by keeping the pelvic floor toned, more intense and pleasurable sexual relations are achieved. The practice of these exercises improves the perineal musculature, favoring arousal, improving orgasm and ensuring a longer duration of erection.
  • The popular squats. For those who have never thought before that the famous squats were related to sex, this section will surely be a surprise, since this exercise is one of the most appropriate practices to strengthen the buttocks and legs and consequently, they are the ideal preparation to achieve greater strength and muscular endurance to achieve and maintain positions during intimate relations.
  • Abdominals. Experts and professionals agree that these exercises are essential when it comes to toning the body and getting it in shape to maintain excellent sexual relations, since apart from strengthening the abdominal area, they will help to improve the respiratory process, thereby developing a greater capacity for oxygenation and circulation of the body, which in turn improves erections and potency.

 It is now clear that at any age, exercise brings innumerable advantages to improve sexual activity, in addition to improving overall health. We must not forget that an agile, toned and strong body improves self-esteem and self-image, which in the short and long term will transmit security and a great physical and mental well-being.